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i SAW nothing

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

one thing i love about being in countries that celebrate both the Gregorian and Lunar New Years is that January feels like a reprieve, a languor, a freer purgatory of sorts—in between the years and cultures, in between time.

from speaking to friends, it seems like this January is not so. perhaps it’s #SORE or just something in the air, but i hope we can take some time to acknowledge that even in the before-times of the vexxing, most of us were already crazy and needed therapy but couldn’t afford it. i think there is a lot of unacknowledged trauma going around, exacerbated by the pandemic, for myself included.

this weekend, i hope you/me/we can take some time out to breathe. if it helps: as i walk i say the names of things i see (a trick my friend taught me to slow down my brain), and when i lie down for glorious naps (or the idea of them) i repeat to myself: life is a miracle. time is precious. be gracious, be kind, be grateful to yourself and other life forms.


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